A USD 300+ Billion Market, USA is the most promising market today for a product launch


A USD 50 Billion Market, UK us the 2nd biggest oppurtunity for a product launch


A fairly new market, great for Micro PL low budget launches

Home & Kitchen. Small & Lightweight products.

We love the home & kitchen category where we believe there is a great room for new products & innovation. We have various products and listings in this category and we enjoy the sales velocity in this category

Outdoor & Sports. Strong category for times to come.

During the COVID-19 wave the sports has taken a hit, but people have been spending alot of time in decorating their gardens, homes and outskirts, so the combined category has taken an uplift. We do have a wide variety of products in this category as well.

Toys & Pet Supplies. A Fierce competition but very high demand.

These categories come with a very tough competition but a sales velocity of an amazing trajectory, we are planning a few products in this category as well and we believe that this would become a vital part to our store.